July 9, 2015 | High School

As the days wind down, we all are collecting our favorite images from our days in Prague and Southern Bohemia, working with our trip leaders and Matthieu on critiques and editing, and narrowing down the top images for each student that we will display in our final gallery show!  Our days have been filled with good… Read More

Prague in twilight.  Photo by trip leader Rebecca Stumpf.

On our first evening in Prague, we hopped on the top deck of a boat, enjoying the beautiful night and our new friends as the city of Prague floated alongside us.   The warm sun set over the colorful buildings of Prague and an accordion played in the background.  As we neared the end of the… Read More


Justin Jordan, of Fullerton, California traveled with NGSE on our 2013 London photo workshop and 2014 Prague photo workshop.  Currently studying at the Art Institute of California, Justin put together a website portfolio of photographs in preparation for admission, which features photos from his two NGSE trips.  Since traveling with NGSE, Justin shoots photos every… Read More

Students work together to capture the perfect Fourth of July photo with their sparklers! (Photo by student Aimee Auguin)

Happy Fourth of July from NG Prague! We all spent a wonderful day in a small town outside Prague called Kutna Hora, famous for its Bone Church and idyllic streets.  Kutna Hora is best known for its spooky Sedlec Ossuary, a small Roman Catholic Church that is decorated from top to bottom with real human… Read More